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Gender equality. Religion. Cultural differences. Parindah was built on the belief that every country is equally special and worth exploring. Follow me on a journey around the world, highlighting different social issues in different places.

my story

Welcome to Parindah

My name is Saira and I started this page inspired by my own life. My life is multi-cultural: My parents are Pakistani, I was born and raised in Germany, and I am currently living in the Netherlands.

The contact to many cultures has always dominated my life. Through Parindah, I aim to discover even more new cultures and combine my journey with social topics I am interested in. So what’s on the menu? Until now, gender equality in Morocco and in Northern Europe.

Western culture is a part of me
…just as Pakistani culture is

Discover Northern Europe and Morocco

Discover gender equality from a Moroccan point of view as well as in Scandinavia. What are similarities, what are differences? Told to you through personal interviews and interesting reviews.

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