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Parindah is based on my interest in personal stories and social issues in different places. Keep on reading for insights into women’s rights in Morocco, the LGBTQIA+ community in Sweden, and more.

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Welcome to Parindah

My name is Saira and I started this page inspired by my own background. My life is multi-cultural: My parents are Pakistani, I was born and raised in Germany, and I am currently living in the Netherlands.

The contact with different cultures has always dominated my life. Through Parindah, I aim to share stories of people from similarly different backgrounds, and share my perspective on social topics that I am interested in. So what’s on the menu? So far, I have written about gender equality in Morocco, the LGBTQIA+ community in Northern Europe, and my trip to Japan.
Soon to be published: conversations with Somalis about their perspectives on migration.

Northern Europe, Morocco and Somalia

Gender equality from a Moroccan point of view vs Scandinavia – what are similarities, what are differences? Onwards migration in Somali communities – what drives people to move? Gain insights through personal interviews and interesting reviews.


Relationships in Morocco: new norms clashing old ones

Boyfriends vs. arranged marriages: Morocco is a country where new trends clash with old traditions. Walaa has told me about her experience with clashing norms in the country. ‘I choose to live in Rabat because it’s difficult to live open-minded in small villages. But even in the cities, guys can be very old-fashioned.Click here for Walaa’s and other Moroccan’s stories on feminism


THE 2019 Gay Pride

The Stockholm Pride is a colorful celebration of love of every gender, race and age. I came here with almost no knowledge about the Pride, and I took a lot with me from my week spent here – interviews with activists, dancing at Pride Park and marching with the Pride Parade. Click here to read my full experience at the Stockholm Pride

Read my conversation with Anna Stendin, an activist at the front of the LGBTQ movement in Sweden and speaker at the Pride House. Anna has worked with an anti-discrimination bureau for the past seven years and educates companies and organizations on discrimination. I had the pleasure to talk to them about their work in more detail. Read more

During the Pride 2019, I met with a wonderfully inspiring person: Emilia. Emilia is a transgender woman who has made it her mission to share her journey with other people who might be struggling with life as a transgender person or with their transition. In our conversation she is not only very open about her own struggles along the way, but she also shares her deeply inspiring and moving view on life. Read more


Far ahead in equality, but dangers still remain

For people like Jerry, a Danish IT-worker, feminism is not a big topic. For foreigners like Diamond on the other hand, who is an international student from South-Sudan, Denmark seems like a safe haven compared to her home. Danish girls Ida and Laura think Denmark is doing well with feminism, but there is still more work to do to ensure the safety of women. ‘I find it difficult to deal with the risk of being raped as a woman.’ Click here to read their full stories


My trips to Osaka, Kyoto and Nara

In this post I want to share my short, but lovely experience of Japan with you. Japan has always been a country that has intrigued me, both for its beautiful nature and its cultural richness. After living there for a month, I can confirm this feeling. Click here to read more

My tips on language, travel and food in Japan

Before I went to the country famous for Sakura and green tea, I did not know much about it. I was met with challenges along the way, from language problems to getting lost in supermarkets. Click here to read more

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