Couscous – in conversation with a Moroccan cook

We have reached december. Four months have passed since my beautiful time in Morocco, and a lot has happened in the meantime. With a lot I mean studies, exams, and again studies. Right after coming back to the Netherlands, uni-life hit me hard in the face and brought me back to reality of sitting behindContinue reading “Couscous – in conversation with a Moroccan cook”

Walaa and Aiko – let’s talk about Moroccan relationships

We have reached the end of our journey in Morocco. It’s been almost six weeks since I left Germany, but it feels like I know this country much more than my short time here would let you expect. Our last stop is Essaouira, a small town at the coast of Morocco. At first I thoughtContinue reading “Walaa and Aiko – let’s talk about Moroccan relationships”

Fatima Moradi – working out modern mindsets

This interview is a bit different than other ones. This time, we will shed light on the topic of gender inequality in Morocco in a different way – from the perspective of sports. Meet Miss Fatima Moradi and her husband: a Moroccan couple that has recently opened up their own gym. I meet them inContinue reading “Fatima Moradi – working out modern mindsets”

Mehdi – medical student with an open mind

Today I met up with an interesting young man – Mehdi, a medical student at the University of Fés. He is currently in his 6th year, as he tells me, at the end of his studies. I first met Mehdi in a café that I go to very often: Café La Terrasse, my and myContinue reading “Mehdi – medical student with an open mind”