Couscous – in conversation with a Moroccan cook

We have reached december. Four months have passed since my beautiful time in Morocco, and a lot has happened in the meantime. With a lot I mean studies, exams, and again studies. Right after coming back to the Netherlands, uni-life hit me hard in the face and brought me back to reality of sitting behindContinue reading “Couscous – in conversation with a Moroccan cook”

Walaa and Aiko – let’s talk about Moroccan relationships

We have reached the end of our journey in Morocco. It’s been almost six weeks since I left Germany, but it feels like I know this country much more than my short time here would let you expect. Our last stop is Essaouira, a small town at the coast of Morocco. At first I thoughtContinue reading “Walaa and Aiko – let’s talk about Moroccan relationships”

Alae – trying to fight society’s fear

If I’m not travelling around Morocco on the weekends, I am mostly sitting in cafés with my two dutch friends. We are all three participating in the Nour Project: a project that is focused on bridging the gap between the Arab and the Western world. And my way of doing that is through this blog:Continue reading “Alae – trying to fight society’s fear”

Fatima Moradi – working out modern mindsets

This interview is a bit different than other ones. This time, we will shed light on the topic of gender inequality in Morocco in a different way – from the perspective of sports. Meet Miss Fatima Moradi and her husband: a Moroccan couple that has recently opened up their own gym. I meet them inContinue reading “Fatima Moradi – working out modern mindsets”

Mehdi – medical student with an open mind

Today I met up with an interesting young man – Mehdi, a medical student at the University of Fés. He is currently in his 6th year, as he tells me, at the end of his studies. I first met Mehdi in a café that I go to very often: Café La Terrasse, my and myContinue reading “Mehdi – medical student with an open mind”

Assia Chergui – and her fight for the vulnerable ones

Today marked the day of meeting a very inspirational and strong woman with a passion that touched my heart. Meet Assia, president of three self-made NGOs, fighter for the rights of the vulnerable in Morocco. ME: Hello Assia, it’s a pleasure to meet you! Can you tell me something about yourself and your work? ASSIA: Yes ofContinue reading “Assia Chergui – and her fight for the vulnerable ones”

Fayrouz – on the way towards designing her dreams

My first interview takes me into the home of a selfmade business woman. Fayrouz, a woman in her fourties, mother of four children and designer of women’s clothes, has invited us into her home. Already while entering, I see a lot of small handmade pieces of decoration, which tells me something about the good? tasteContinue reading “Fayrouz – on the way towards designing her dreams”

Islamic feminism: The Moroccan story

Morocco A country as diverse as its people. Laying on the northwestern tip of Africa, Morocco is quite seperated from the rest of the continent. There are the Atlas mountains to the East of the country, the sea to the North and West, and the Sahara to the South. Morocco has had a couple ofContinue reading “Islamic feminism: The Moroccan story”

The start of a new journey

If a few years ago anyone would have told me that I would be here writing my first blog post, I would have probably rolled my eyes up to the ceiling. But apparently, miracles do happen. Hey guys! My name is Saira and I am currently studying psychology. Like so many other students, I imaginedContinue reading “The start of a new journey”